How To Use The Automatic Replica Magic Watches

Automatic replica magic watches are mechanical timepieces that offer many advantages over traditional hand-wound watches and modern battery-powered quartz watches. Automatic watches for men and women are a popular category in the luxury watch market. Automatic watches have been made since the 1920's but did not become widely available until the 1950's when watch manufacturers were able to save money. Watches for men and women with automatic winding technology are stylish, fun and low maintenance. Today we will show you how to wind any automatic winding standard watch.

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Automatic Watches

An automatic watch is a watch that continues to run due to the regular movement of the wearer's wrist. If an automatic watch is worn daily, it does not need to be wound. Energy is stored by using a half-disc metal counterweight (called a rotor) that rotates as the arm moves. This energy is used to power the watch and allows the watch to continue to run at night or when the watch is not being worn. The energy stored in an automatic watch can keep an unworn watch running for 24 to 48 hours. After the quartz craze of the 1970s, replica magic watches for men and women with superb mechanical craftsmanship and quality made a comeback in the 1990s. Watch wearers realized the benefits and pleasures of interacting with mechanical devices as part of their daily routine. The automatic watch, because it is a machine, represents quality and the owner's interest in the timekeeping mechanism. Traditional mechanical replica magic watches also have aesthetic value and are difficult to replace with battery powered timepieces. Automatic watches offer consumers an easy-to-use mechanical watch option because the automatic mechanism eliminates the need for manual winding.


Specifically, we start with Rolex because Rolex has a screw-down crown. Something that many people don't understand when they first get a Rolex or their first Rolex replica magic watches, this crown screws onto the body to keep water, dust, dirt and other things out. It is called an oyster shell because it is as strong as an oyster and prevents water from getting inside. Now, to wind the watch, loosen the crown in six directions or toward you until it pops off the body. You will see the threads on the top and when you want to test it to make sure you are in the correct winding position, you can manually wind the watch, even if it is self-winding the watch will continue to stay wound wrist-wise, but not enough to keep up with the winding for the specified amount of time. We will discuss this later. So, we loosen the crown and push it a little bit, where there is a little spring so that you can see. You will see that as soon as you want to wind the watch, turn the crown 50 times towards the 12th, in other words, in a clockwise direction towards the 12th, and if you look at it from the side, ' in this way, this is how you wind the watch.

Automatic Movements

Automatic watch movements use a rotor or metal counterweight to power the timepiece. The rotor will oscillate freely within the watch. Each time the wearer moves his wrist, the rotor rotates. This inherent rotational motion is converted into energy, which automatically winds the watch's winding. The mainspring is where the power is stored. Does an automatic watch still need to be wound? In some cases, yes. Most replica magic watches with automatic functions that are worn regularly will power themselves. However, if the owner does not wear the watch for a period of time, they will need to be wound to power the internal mechanism.

Checking The Winding Position

Now, you will want to do this when you first pick up the watch. Many times they are so sensitive when it is not running. When you pick up the watch, you will notice that the second hand is actually turning, but the watch is not wound. Simply doing this will not wind the watch. Simply putting it on your wrist will not wind the watch. Turning the crown one, two, three, four, five or six times is not enough to wind the watch. Rotate that crown 50 times. I always tell people 45 to 55 times as good a shot because you don't turn that crown. That way, about three quarters of the return becomes three quarters, so it really may only become about 25 to 30. Once you have wound the heart on the watch solidly 50 times, I would always check and make sure that the crown is in it. This is the winding position.

Setting The Date And Time

Looking at the dial, it says 11, but it says 11 o'clock , until we check and make sure the hands go around the dial and go past 12 and if the date changes, we know it's midnight. A lot of people are confused because they don't see the date at midnight. They see it flip at noon and they don't understand why. It looks like they're a day behind on their date. We passed 12 o'clock, which means high noon. It doesn't change from 11 to 12, I continue to scroll it down and I'll show you it changes from 11 to 12 and you're now at midnight. Always put the hour hand on the lower half of the dial. That's the lower half of the dial below 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock before you set the date, because the date will engage at about 9 o'clock in the evening and disengage at about 3 o'clock in the morning. If you try to set the date while the hour hand is in the upper half of the dial in that area, you can disconnect the date wheel. Do not do that. Before advancing the date, be sure to check and secure the hour hand at the bottom of the dial. In other words, if the month is the 30th and there is no 31st in that month and you are going to the first one, then make sure our hand is here so that you can set the time now before performing this operation. We'll set it to two o'clock on the 12th, and I'll push the crown back. It's kind of flexible. Pull it out. One click, pull one click. Now you can set the date, or you can set it to whatever date you want. Now, once that's done, push the crown back in, push it in, and then turn toward the 12th turn, move toward the 12th screw until it locks down toward the 12th screw. The crown fits snugly against the case to ensure that you can wear your replica magic watches properly. This is how you would say a Rolex watch or any watch with a similar sunken crown.

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