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Get to know Rolex's jewelry replica watches. Instantly recognizable, a Rolex on the wrist will add a luxurious touch to any outfit. For women who want to take their forward thinking even further, here is the ultimate luxury-oriented collection, the Rolex replica Pearlmaster, always made of precious metals, never with diamonds or precious stones, considered the "jewel of the oyster collection". Representing both jewelry and watches, the Pearlmaster is crafted in 18k gold and is always set with precious stones. The gold variants include white, yellow and eternal rose, while the stones used are diamonds, sapphires or rubies. The gems adorn the dial, case, bezel or bracelet and range from diamonds that exude chic to full pav in the utmost luxury. Here is a quick guide to the Rolex Coronation Jeweled timepieces.

80298 Rolex Pearlmaster Ladies Automatic Champagne Diamond


The Rolex Pearlmaster is one of Rolex's newest collections, along with the original Yacht-Master, both of which were released in 1992 and represent ultra-luxurious versions of Rolex's iconic core models: the Submariner and Datejust. The Yacht-Master takes on the Submariner design, but is intended as a watch with a nature-themed watch, rather than tool replica watches. The Pearlmaster, meanwhile, follows the Lady Datejust line. The Lady Datejust line also offers gem-set models, and the Pearlmaster makes sure to take it to the next level. Let's take a closer look at the features of the Rolex Pearlmaster.


In addition to its flawless design, the Rolex Pearlmaster is exclusively made of 18k gold, white gold and eternal rose gold. And the stones used are diamonds, sapphires or rubies. While Rolex usually adorns the dial with gemstones, the Pearlmaster's gemstones can be found not only on the dial but also on the case, bezel or bracelet. These range from diamond cuts on the bezel to full pav treatments. Just like the Datejust, the replica Pearlmaster range is very diverse. The original Pearlmasters come in two sizes: 34mm and 29mm. The dials range from plain silver, champagne and white; to more exotic mother-of-pearl and vignette dials. The most exclusive Pearlmasters feature a full pav diamond dial. In 2015, a 39mm Pearlmaster was also introduced, a move in line with the general direction of the rest of the Rolex models.


The replica Pearlmaster 39 is available with a sunrise dial in red grape, olive green or cognac and then graduated to a bezel with trapezoidal sapphires. The trapezoidal sapphires are carefully selected so that the color gradient effect is seamless. Rolex has also designed a bracelet specifically for the Pearlmaster collection. Crafted in solid gold, the bracelet features a soft, round, five-piece link with a smooth surface - the perfect canvas for diamonds and gemstones! The replica Pearlmaster bracelet features a round, solid link that not only contributes to the uniqueness of the watch, but also provides maximum comfort for the wearer. The bracelet is also held together by a hidden crown clasp for an elegant look. Of course, the replica Pearlmaster isn't just about aesthetics. Ticking away inside the watch is the updated caliber 2235 (two, two, three, five), which replaces the original caliber 2135. Developed exclusively for Rolex ladies' replica watches, this movement is the most consistent COSC-certified movement available. With the finest materials, the most elegant design and ingenious craftsmanship, the Rolex Pearlmaster collection is the choice of women who want only the best. Want to learn more about Rolex watches? Please visit our website at

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