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Halas Homes - Statement Of Purpose

Halas Homes is a  Registered Charity providing high quality Residential Care and Supported Living for adults with a learning disability from 18yrs old.

Amongst the aims of management and staff are:

  • to encourage individuals to exercise their right to choice and control over their lives by consulting on all decisions that affect them
  • to involve service users in appropriate decision making processes    
  • to treat with respect the wishes and choices of service users  and tenants
  • to recognise individuals strengths and weaknesses and always looking at positive and alternative approaches  
  • to promote within each individual the belief that their life and activities are as valuable and valid as any other
  • to continuously train and develop staff guaranteeing the provisions of quality care to all service users  
  • to arrange appropriate support to ensure maximum opportunities to participate in community life.
  • to provide meaningful activities and opportunities 
  • to provide caring, qualified, skilled and motivated staff  who understand how their individual performance affects the quality of services provided


We will:

  • Treat service users and staff with respect 
  • Consult with service users and seek their views on the service they receive
  • Consult with staff on matters that affect them and their work  and seek their views and ideas on how to continually improve services 
  • Seek the views of all stakeholders with a view to understand what we do well and what we can improve
  • View concerns and complaints as an opportunity to improve the services we deliver.

Outside Activities
Life Skills
Day Care at 'The Meeting Place'
The 3rd Sector Care Awards 2014 We were delighted to receive the 3rd Sector Creative Arts Award in 2014. It is self evident that the arts create a safe environment where participants can learn, develop and increase confidence and self esteem.
At the end of 2014 we received a Downing Street Community Champion Award celebrating our work with the local community
Investors in People

Caring for people with learning disabilities for over 50 years
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